Implementing PRINCE2

Since the launch of PRINCE2 in 1996, organisations have continually struggled to implement the method effectively.

While some organisations have undoubtedly achieved a degree of success, many still put their staff through expensive training only to end up with what is commonly known as PINO ("PRINCE2 in name only"). ILX Consultants' expertise lies in the field of successful PRINCE2 Project Management.

Successful PRINCE2 implementation is not guaranteed just because all project staff have been trained. Implementing PRINCE2 effectively means tailoring the method to meet your own unique requirements as well as building on, and integrating with existing practices.

We always recommend PRINCE2 is implemented as a PRINCE2 project. Taking this approach reinforces the implementation of the method by encouraging role modelling behaviours and by eventually incorporating the governance of the project into the new governance process. The project will therefore ultimately close under the control of the process that it put in place.

To avoid the implementation being seen as 'just another initiative', the internal champion within the organisation role models the behaviour that will be expected of all other peers, staff and interested parties during the execution of this project and beyond.

As a first step we would ask the 'project board' to sign off an initial 'scoping' project stage to perform an 'organisational review'. The output is a project initiation document and the initial project plan.

At this point the delivery of the remaining project is defined within a project plan tailored to your specific organisational need. This can then be delivered in stages, under the full control of the 'project board'.

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