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Overview of Approach

ILX Consulting specializes in helping you to understand how effectively and consistently your programmes, projects and IT Services are being managed.

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Having agreed on the specific areas for further investigation ILX Consulting will conduct a detailed analysis to determine current levels of performance against your chosen maturity model. This will include on-line diagnostic assessment verified by a series of formal interviews. In addition to the findings ILX Consulting will present an improvement plan which will concentrate on specific improvements in order to help you reach your desired level of maturity.

This plan will concentrate on three main areas which will in turn drive improvements in performance namely:

  • The training needed to improve knowledge, understanding and practical skills;
  • Further development of the structures and processes needed to ensure a robust and methodical approach; and
  • The governance, controls and metrics required to measure performance and performance improvement.
  • On completion ILX Consulting will complete a skills transfer and provide copies of all of the development materials leaving you in a self-sufficient state and able to continue your own professional development.

On completion of this plan, ILX Consulting can facilitate an external assessment of your capability against the appropriate maturity model and this will in turn result in the award of a recognised accreditation.

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