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About ILX Group

ILX Group is not only the leading provider of Best Practice learning and development and has been at the forefront of the development and practice of Portfolio, Programme and Project management maturity model (P3M3) assessments.

ILX Consulting is uniquely positioned to provide accredited consulting, including P3M3 maturity assessments, e-learning software and classroom training. This enables ILX Consulting to provide fully integrated and complementary development solutions.

In particular, ILX Consulting:

  • Conducted the first P3M3 assessment and have conducted more maturity assessments than any other company;
  • Completed the first PPM maturity accreditation and the first ISO20000 accreditation in the Middle East;
  • Is the only organisation in the world to have helped an organisation reach Level 4 (of Five) Maturity against the Portfolio, Programme & Project Management Maturity Model.

About ILX Group

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